Artists In Love

me london

I recently spent a brilliant day in London, doing filming for a programme called “Artists in Love”, which will be shown on Sky Arts.  Yes, I’ve finally been featured as a “talking head!” [Note to producers/programme makers etc – I would love to do more of these projects, so feel free to get in touch!!]

This looks to be a brilliant series and will begin in the UK on 18th April. I’m not sure where my programme – Marilyn and Miller – fits into the UK schedule but I believe it will be shown in Italy on 19th April! I will update UK viewers when I get more news about when it will be shown, but I suspect around May.

The photo on this post shows me with the wonderful scriptwriter, Dimitri Cocciuti. It was a pleasure to meet him and the other members of the crew and I had such a good time that I felt as though I floated all the way home!

You can check out the Sky page for Artists in Love here, to see more information and updates.