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Published by Bloodhound Books, 2020
Print ISBN: 978-1-913419-82-0

The Webs We Weave is my first published novel! While I have dabbled in writing fiction before, I’ve never had one published, but it has been my dream for the past thirty years! Strangely, in this bizarre and complicated year, the universe decided to make several of my dreams come true, and my novel is one of them.

The Webs We Weave is a psychological thriller. Here is the blurb from the publisher:

Could you ever be friends with the woman who stole your husband? That is the question facing Jenny, when Helena appears at her door.

Five years ago, Craig abandoned Jenny and moved in with Helena. Now it seems Craig has moved onto a younger woman. Helena pleads with Jenny to help find out who the mystery woman is.

Jenny’s friend Kate, and adult daughter Rebecca, warn her not to become involved. But Jenny can’t resist…

This might just be the opportunity she has been looking for. It’s not very often the chance for revenge comes knocking. But does Jenny really know what she’s getting into and is Helena really the person she appears to be?

The Webs We Weave is published on 23 September; the e-book is available from Amazon, and the paperback can be ordered from everywhere that sells great books.

Friends: Central Perk Light-up Sign

Published by Running Press, 2020

This official Friends project includes a teeny book all about the gang’s favourite coffee shop – Central Perk, and also has a fab light-up sign! I can’t take any credit for the sign, but I did write the book! They both come in a box for safe-keeping, and will be out in October 2020, just in time for Christmas shopping!

The Central Perk project is available to order from all good bookshops, as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the Running Press website.

Day by Day with Marilyn

Published by Running Press, 2020

This undated planner has proved to be a great hit with Marilyn fans across the globe. It is an official Marilyn Monroe product, and is full of photographs by Milton H Greene, Sam Shaw and Bernard of Hollywood. There are pages for your plans, your hopes and dreams, notes and more. Also included are important dates in Marilyn’s life, as well as genuine quotes from the lady herself. If you want to make 2021 (and beyond!) a year full of sparkle and adventure, then Day by Day with Marilyn can help you on your way.

The planner is available to order from all good bookshops, as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the Running Press website.

Marilyn: Collectible Magnets and Mini Posters

Published by Running Press, 2020

This cute project is an official Marilyn Monroe product, and features photographs by Milton H Greene, Sam Shaw and Bernard of Hollywood. It features mini-posters on one side, and magnets on the other, and comes in a box for storage. Each mini-poster has a caption on the back, and the magnets come in their own little sleeves.

The set is available to order from all good bookshops, as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the Running Press website.

Friends A-Z Guide and Trivia Deck

Published by Running Press, 2020

If you are a Friends fan (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then my official Friends A-Z and Trivia Deck could be perfect for you! On one side of the set is a deck of cards, featuring quiz questions based on Ross’s famous game, and on the other is a small A-Z book, featuring some fun facts from the show. The book is illustrated throughout, and it all comes in a colourful box, for easy storage.

This set is available to order from all good bookshops, as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the Running Press website.

The Little Book of Marilyn has been such a joy to write. While The Girl was a serious look at Marilyn’s strength, determination, talent and studies, this book is just 100 per cent fun! I was asked to write this book by my editor at Running Press, but she explained to me that it would include elements that I may not have dealt with before. She wasn’t wrong! The book is a lifestyle guide to ‘unleashing your inner Marilyn’ and as a result, shows the reader how to dress like Marilyn, how to style your home, how to do your make-up, your hair and all sorts of other cool activities. Because of the nature of the book, I had to organise photo sessions for the make-up and hair tutorials, and Marilyn-related crafts, too!! I don’t want to say too much about these sections at the moment, as I want there to be some surprises, but if you follow my blog and social media (@MMWriterGirl), I promise I will reveal more as we get closer to publication. I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

The Little Book of Marilyn has been an absolute pleasure to write, and I hope you will enjoy it too. It will be published on 9 July 2019 in the US and 25 July 2019 in the UK.

The Girl: Marilyn Monroe, The Seven Year Itch and the Birth of an Unlikely Feminist

In October 2016 I was approached by an editor at Running Press, who was interested in doing a book about Marilyn and her 1955 movie, ‘The Seven Year Itch’. We talked for a long time about how the film had created an icon and gave Marilyn a push to go to New York and create her own film company. We were both intrigued by the idea that the film had inspired Marilyn, who had then gone onto inspire others. The effect her bravery had on women was an area we wanted to explore, and so I set about writing a proposal which reflected all of our vision and intention for the book.

Just before Christmas 2016, I was given the go-ahead to write the book, and it was the best present I could have wished for! For the past 30 years, I have been fighting Marilyn’s corner and telling the world how brave and intelligent she was, so it has been an absolute pleasure to put all that down on paper. It is my hope that fans will be able to use the book to prove to others just how much strength and determination Marilyn had, during an era where women were supposed to grow up, marry a nice young man and settle down. At the core of the book are the years 1954 to 1956, but there is so much more to it than that. The book was published in May 2018 and has received positive reviews from the Marilyn community and beyond. Look out for more news and updates on my blog.

You can order the hardback by following the links on the Running Press page –  here.

And the e-book –  here.

Several years ago, I sent some ideas to my editor at Robinson/Little, Brown, and he really liked the sound of a book all about Victorian Scandals. I wrote a proposal and after he had taken it to several editorial meetings, it was given the green light. The book is very special to me because I’ve always been fascinated by the Victorians, and this is the first time I’ve ever written about this particular period of time. I enjoyed it immensely and it has inspired me to research other Victorian/Edwardian stories for possible future books. I’d also like to write a novel based in this era, so you heard it here first!

‘The Battered Body Beneath the Flagstones and other Victorian Scandals,’ is 100,000 words long and comes in three sections: Scandals involving actors and actresses; Scandals between family members and lovers; and Scandals which either amused, bemused or perplexed the Victorians! I don’t know exactly how many stories there are in the book, but there are many! Here’s an exclusive to my website: one of the scandals involves a family member of mine! It tells the tale of my great, great uncle; an Italian ice-cream man living in Aberdeen, who was taken to court for breach of promise. He had asked a girl to marry him as something of a joke, but when he broke it off, the scoundrel was not allowed to get away with it! You can read more about this and many other Victorian Scandals on my blog. The book was published on 12 April 2018.

A Girl Called Pearl

This is my first ever children’s book! The story is about a young girl called Pearl, who is growing up in the Los Angeles foster system during the 1920s and 1930s. She has a pretty horrible life, but dreams of meeting her idol, Jean Harlow. One day while living in an orphanage, she finally gets the chance to go on an adventure in search of Jean. Will she find her? You’ll have to read the book to find out! Also look out for a cameo appearance by Norma Jeane, who meets Pearl in the orphanage!

Carole Lombard: Twentieth-Century Star

UK Publisher: The History Press, 2016

My Carole Lombard book has an even longer history than the Thelma one. I started research in 2007, and it was published by The History Press in September 2016. My agent has told me he thinks this book will be the definitive volume on Lombard’s life and career, and that has made me extremely proud indeed. To write the book I ordered as many documents as I could possibly get my hands on: from her agent’s records, to production notes, FBI files and everything in-between. The result is a book very rich in previously unknown behind-the-scenes details of Carole’s film career, as well as many details about her early life and that of her parents.

Carole was a woman well ahead of her time, and her experiences have taught me a lot about how I want to conduct my own career. I feel more empowered after discovering her story and reading her interviews. She was a woman who always stuck to what she believed in and never, ever let anyone walk all over her. She was definitely a woman to be admired, and I hope this comes across in the book.

carole lombard cover

The Ice Cream Blonde: The Whirlwind Life and Mysterious Death of Screwball Comedienne Thelma Todd

USA Publisher: Chicago Review Press, 2015

One of the books I am most proud of is The Ice Cream Blonde. I first wanted to write this book at the beginning of 2010, and it was finally published at the end of 2015. I had to research very deeply to find out about the many twists and turns of her eventful life, and then I had to go through all the literature, documents and reports involving her death. It was an extraordinary process, which only really finished a couple of months before publication. While I had finished the manuscript in August 2014, the editing process brought up many questions not only about Thelma’s life but of course her death too. I went back and forth with the editors for a long time, but it was all worth it. The book as it is now is much, much better because of the questions I was asked during the editing. As a result of all the hard work, it has gained many fantastic reviews from respected reviewers such as Liz Smith and Thomas Gladysz.  The book also appeared on the Huffington Post’s Best Film Books of 2015 list. This was a dream-come-true for me because I had wanted to make this list for many years!

thelma cover

Before Marilyn

(co-author Astrid Franse)

UK Publisher: The History Press, 2015

USA Publisher: St Martin’s Press, 2015

This was an interesting project to work on. Astrid and Ben Franse bought a box full of Marilyn items many years ago. In 2012 they discovered that these were actually the archive of The Blue Book Agency; the modelling agency Norma Jeane (Marilyn) was signed to in 1945. Astrid wanted to turn the archive into a book and approached me in 2013. Astrid had done a great deal of research into the archive’s contents, and then we both did more over the months ahead. Once everything was complete, I wrote the manuscript then sent it to Astrid for her input. We went back and forth until the book was perfect and ready to send to the publisher.

It was a challenging project to work on because of the many photographs and documents involved, but it has been worth it. The book has been published in the UK and USA, and reviewed far and wide. It has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Mail on Sunday, The National Enquirer, The National Examiner, The Lady, Harper’s Bazaar and many, many more.

Before Marilyn


UK Publisher: Robinson/Little, Brown, 2015

Madonna has been my idol since I was fourteen years old. She is a huge inspiration to me and through reading and learning about her life I have been encouraged to make my own dreams come true. When I was commissioned to write this book, I was so excited. It is a photo book, rather than a biography, with 40,000 words and 220 photographs. The book tells Madonna’s story from birth, right through to the making of her Rebel Heart CD, and I also included an Introduction, explaining how I became a Madonna fan and what she means to me.

I loved writing this book so much. It was the most fun I have ever had on a project and as a result, it only took me about a month to write the first draft. I worked from morning until night on it, and was quite sad when it was all finished. It is definitely one of my favourite books. It has been published in the UK, the USA (as The Mammoth Book of Madonna) and soon it will also be out in Korea!


Hollywood Scandals

UK Publisher: Robinson, 2013

This book covers dozens and dozens of Hollywood scandals, ranging from the silent stars right through to the modern day. There are murders, affairs, mysteries, arrests and much, much more. The book is 170,000 words long and I had less than a year to research, write and edit it! I made a strict timetable which I stuck to throughout 2012, and managed to complete it in ten months. To find out about the Hollywood scandals that gripped the nation ‘back in the day’ I went straight to vintage newspapers, magazine articles and documents; often unearthing revealing stories that had never been featured in scandals books before. It was a huge undertaking to write this book, but I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot from it. It has been published in the UK and the USA.


Wife Five: A Play

(co-author Steve Hayes)

USA Publisher: BearManor Media, 2013

Wife Five is the story of Harry and his four spirited ex-wives. They still hang out at his house; still use his pool and torment him on a regular basis. But when Harry decides to marry wife number five, it threatens to disrupt their way of life. Over the course of a weekend, a plan is concocted to get rid of the interloper once and for all, through a mixture of comedy, cunning and a battle of the wills.

The play was born through a friendship I developed with Hollywood scriptwriter Steve Hayes. He told me about a play he had written, but was not totally happy with it; especially the Second Act. I totally rewrote the second part of the play, and then together we went through and made adjustments to the entire work. We are both very proud of the play and my hope is to one day see it performed on stage – so if you are a producer, feel free to get in touch!


Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed: New Edition

UK Publisher: Robinson, 2012

While I enjoyed writing the first edition of Private and Undisclosed, there was a problem in that I had written 30,000 more words than the publisher actually wanted! Being new to the game, I decided that they would just cram everything in anyway. Wrong! They took out 30,000 words and with those went some really great stories too. Needless to say, when I got the opportunity to write a revised edition, I jumped at the chance.

At 140,000 words, the revised edition is almost twice as long as the first, and while it does not have as many photographs, it has many, many stories that were not included before. The book has been a wonderful success and reached number 16 on the WH Smith Bestseller chart in 2012. It has since been published in the USA (As Marilyn Monroe: Private and Confidential), Russia and Bulgaria.

priv undisclosed2

Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed

UK Publisher: Constable and Robinson, 2007

This book was the result of many years of research into Marilyn Monroe’s life. It was never my intention to write a biography but after approaching an agent about doing a revised edition of Marilyn’s Addresses, he told me he’d rather represent a biography. In the end he was not the agent for me, but he did plant a seed in my head about one day writing a full-scale story of Marilyn’s life.

I began my search for new information and people to interview. I was told by some Marilyn experts that there was no-one left to interview; that they’d either all spoken before or had passed away. That only spurred me on and in the end I found literally a hundred people who were willing to be interviewed, many for the first time.

I did the initial research for this book while pregnant with my daughter in 2003. Then when she was a baby I would write and research whenever she took a nap. In 2005 I got an agent (The Robert Smith Literary Agency); in 2006 he sold the idea to Constable and Robinson, and in 2007 it was published. The book received many positive reviews, as well as an eight page article (plus cover) in The Sunday Times.

priv undisclosed1

Marilyn’s Addresses

Publisher: Smith Gryphon, 1995

This was released in 1995 and was the first professionally published book I ever wrote. The idea was to take readers on a tour of Marilyn-related locations, such as homes, places of work, hotels, studios etc. etc. The book has hundreds of addresses, accompanied by information related to each one. The reason I wanted to write this book was because when I first visited Los Angeles in 1992, I had no idea where any of the Marilyn locations were, and we ended up missing quite a few. I did not have that problem when I returned in 1995, armed with Marilyn’s Addresses.

While this edition of the book has long been out-of-print, please note that a revised paperback edition (entitled Marilyn’s Footsteps,) is available to buy from It is also available on Kindle (entitled Marilyn’s Places) from most Amazon stores. It does not include any photographs but does have many addresses.

Marilyns addresses