Counting down to Carole Lombard!

carole lombard coverSo the official publication date for my Carole Lombard book is coming ever closer, and I’m very excited. I haven’t received my copies yet (I am impatiently waiting!), but I hear that they should arrive in around two weeks. That means that the book shops may be a little late in getting their copies in, but never fear; they will arrive very soon!!

Being able to write this book has been a dream-come-true for me. I first discovered Carole in 2007, when I was wondering what project to work on after my first Marilyn biography. I had toyed with the idea of writing about Vivien Leigh, but that just didn’t feel right. No matter how much work I did on that one, I just could not get into it at all. Now, that’s nothing to do with how I feel about Vivien (I have quite a lot of books about her in my collection), but I just felt that writing a book myself, was not the right way to go at that time.

As I struggled with the Leigh book, suddenly I ‘discovered’ Carole. How that actually happened, I can’t remember, but it may have been because of the Clark Gable/Gone With the Wind connection, during the course of researching Vivien’s life. All I know is that the moment I began reading about Carole, I was completely hooked. She was funny, witty, sarcastic, strong, opinionated, successful and kind. She helped those who needed it; she stuck up for herself and for others; and never, ever took crap from the studio or anyone she was involved with in business. In short, she was one helluva dame, and when she passed away, the whole world mourned. Below you can see a picture of the MGM lion, hanging his head in grief. Carole wasn’t even an MGM star, so you can see the magnitude of her loss in Hollywood, just in this picture alone.

carole lion picSo my research began in 2007, but was put aside on numerous occasions as other projects came my way. However, whenever I had a spare moment, Carole would be the person I went back to, and my project became a true labour-of-love. Would it ever be published? Oh how I hoped so!

Finally, in 2014 I had the very good fortune to work with The History Press on Before Marilyn. I enjoyed a very friendly relationship with them, and believed that they would be the ideal publisher for my Carole Lombard project. My agent approached them, and luckily for me, they commissioned me to write it. To say I was over-the-moon would be an understatement!

So that is how the book came about, and I spent most of 2015 working on it; finally finishing shortly before Christmas. Now, after nearly ten years of wishing, researching and writing, the book is almost upon us, and I am so excited! I will be posting updates as we head towards publication and beyond, but in the meantime, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who has ordered a copy so far. Your support and friendship means the world to me; truly.