Exciting News!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have signed a two-book contract with Bloodhound Books. My first novel – Yes! I’ve written a novel! – will be published in October. It has been my dream to write novels for at least 30 years, so I’m thrilled and happy that my chance has finally come. Bloodhound Books is a very successful e-publisher, but if you don’t yet have a Kindle, don’t worry. The paperback will also be available! 😊

Please visit the Bloodhound Books website to keep up-to-date with my book and many others. You can also visit their Facebook and Twitter pages, where they have given me a lovely welcome.

I’ll also share news, title, genre, cover reveals etc. in due course. In this strange and scary time, I’m so glad to share this news with you all. It has certainly given me something to look forward to, and I hope it does for you, too. And don’t worry, I fully intend to continue writing non-fiction books as well! 😊

Thanks for all your support and I can’t wait to share my novel with you all! 📚📚📚

Until next time,

Michelle x


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