A Girl Called Pearl, and two notebooks – On Sale Now!!

I am happy to say that my children’s book, A Girl Called Pearl is now on sale!

Set in Los Angeles during the period of the Great Depression, A Girl Called Pearl tells the story of Pearl Parker, a young child growing up in the foster system. Through years of living with her beloved ‘Aunt’ Thelma, her abusive step-uncle, her psychologically ill mother, and finally in an orphanage, Pearl spends her days drawing, reading about film stars, and wishing for a happy life. Finally, a chance comment by her mother sets Pearl off on a journey that will change her life forever… A quest to meet and speak to her idol, Jean Harlow. Will she succeed?

Also, look out for a cameo appearance from Norma Jeane, (a young Marilyn Monroe) during Pearl’s time at the orphanage!

Please note: this book is designed for readers of age nine and above. Because it deals with a child struggling with personal issues including an abusive step-parent and mentally ill mother, there are a few scenes that could upset younger or more sensitive readers.

As you can see, the book has a photo of the main character on the front, and a lovely vintage, 1930s portrait of Jean Harlow on the back. This came from a picture in my collection, and I’m really happy to include it on the cover of my first children’s book.

Girl called pearl cover

Unsigned copies are available for £6.50 from Lulu.com, by clicking here. Signed copies are available from me, but I am afraid that the price is quite a lot higher, due to postage and packing charges from Lulu to me then from me to you. The prices are as follows:

UK/Ireland – £11.50

Europe – £14.00

Rest of the World – £15.50

If you would like a signed copy, please contact me and I will get straight back to you.  NOTE – All payments must be made via Paypal, and in Great British Pounds (GBP) only. I am unable to provide current exchange rates, but they are freely available on numerous websites. Thanks!

Writing this book has been a really interesting experience for me, and I am definitely going to write more children’s books in the future. Please watch this space for more news!

Other books currently available from Lulu, include two 80 page notebooks, with Edwardian actress Gabrielle Ray on the front and back:

notebook cover1 Available to order here.





notebook cover2Available to order here.