I’ve written a Children’s book!

I am thrilled to tell you that I have recently finished writing my first children’s book, entitled A Girl Called Pearl. Set in Los Angeles during the period of the Great Depression, it tells the story of Pearl Parker, a young child growing up in the foster system.
Girl called pearl for website
Through years of living with her beloved ‘Aunt’ Thelma, her abusive stepfather, her psychologically ill mother, and finally in an orphanage, Pearl spends her days reading about film stars, and wishing for a happy life. Finally, a chance comment by her mother sets Pearl off on a journey that will change her life forever… A quest to meet and speak to her idol, Jean Harlow.
The book was inspired initially by Marilyn’s childhood, but quickly grew legs and is now a totally fictional piece. However, Norma Jeane does appear very briefly as one of the orphanage kids.  The book is aimed at children aged 9-12 and (or adults who – like me – enjoy reading children’s fiction!) and will be on sale via the Lulu website very soon. I will also, hopefully be offering signed copies too. I will keep you posted on when the book is available. Until then, I’m very happy to share the cover with you. 🙂