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Hello on this horrendously rainy Friday. What happened to last week’s sunny weather? Was that it? Summer over already?! It wouldn’t surprise me.

Anyway, onto something far more cheerier… Book News! Here we go…

I was recently asked to put together my top five books about creepy and blood-thirsty Victorians, for The Big Issue. I had a great time looking through my bookshelves and deciding which ones I liked best. The resulting article will be published in the 7 May issue of The Big Issue and will also include a pic of me and the cover for The Battered Body Beneath the Flagstones.

I am thrilled that Ireland’s Image magazine has published a review and beautiful photograph of Marilyn in their May issue. It is on sale now, so grab a copy while you can!

Incidentally, the photograph in the article is also in my book, and is one of my favourites!

The Homegirl Talk website has published an interview with me, all about The Girl. I think it came out really well and I loved answering the thought-provoking questions. At some point in the near future (when a few technical issues are cleared up), I’ll be doing a live chat with Homegirl Talk, and I’ll also be doing an interview with them about The Battered Body Beneath the Flagstones.Β  I’d like to thank webmistress Mar Yvette for her wonderful support and I can’t wait to work with the site again in the future. Here is a little snippet of what you’ll find in the interview:

Question: Some would argue it’s quite a stretch to call Marilyn Monroe a feminist, especially since she capitalized on the blonde bombshell stereotype (or fantasy). What do you say to that?
Answer: The people who would argue that are probably the same folk who would say Madonna is not a feminist either. To me, feminism is about empowerment. To be in control of your own life and go after the things you believe in – despite your gender – is feminism. Marilyn did have a blonde bombshell image, but how she looked is irrelevant to her fight. She fought for every single thing she achieved, and demanded respect. That is feminism.

You can read the full interview here:

Marilyn Monroe as (Unlikely) Feminist? Biographer Tells All in New Book

Lastly, please don’t forget that I’m doing a FREE event in London soon. The Q+A and discussion on the subject of Marilyn as a feminist, will take place on 16 May at the Birkbeck University Cinema in Bloomsbury. It promises to be a really interesting afternoon and there should be time afterwards for me to meet readers and sign any of my books that you care to bring with you. Unfortunately The Girl won’t be out in the UK at that point (it’s published on 31st May), but I am very happy to sign my other books. There will also be leaflets to advertise The Girl, which I’m also happy to sign.You can book your free place on the event, here.

I think that’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon with more updates, so please keep coming back. πŸ™‚

Until next time,

Michelle x

The Battered Body Beneath The Flagstones can be ordered in all good book shops, and the publisher’s website.

The Girl can be pre-ordered from all good book shops and the publisher’s website.

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