Kindle News

About five years ago I made a revised edition of ‘Marilyn’s Addresses’, available on Kindle. However, I took it down because of technical issues with the way Amazon dealt with royalties. However, they have recently ironed out these problems so the Kindle book is now back on sale! Hooray!!
I have called it ‘Marilyn’s Places’ to decipher it from the original (‘Marilyn’s Addresses’) and the revised paperback (‘Marilyn’s Footsteps’ – available from and it is available in almost every Amazon store.
So if you want to know where Marilyn lived, worked and played, please download a copy! In the weeks and months ahead, I will also be making other books available on Kindle, such as a novel I wrote in 1998 and a screenplay too. Watch this space!
In the meantime, ‘Marilyn’s Places’ is available in the UK here:
It is available in the US here:
And don’t forget it is available in most other Amazon stores too!