Marilyn checked trousers!

Since I was fifteen years old, I’ve loved buying clothes that remind me of Marilyn’s. I used to think it was just something that only I did. However, after speaking to other Marilyn fans over the years, I realise that many of us like to do this. Phew!

One thing that has always alluded me, however, is a pair of checked trousers. Marilyn wore this style on numerous occasions, including an Andre De Dienes shoot, and during the making of Niagara. Checked pants, three-quarter-length, and jeans, seem to have been the go-to pieces in her wardrobe, but while I have numerous pairs of jeans and cut-offs, I have never found a pair of checked. Until now.

Earlier this summer, some UK stores began stocking these trousers, but they all seemed to have a side zip and were made from shiny-looking material. They didn’t look very flattering (on me) at all, but today I found the ideal pair, in none-other than Tesco. These trousers are just £18, and have a front zip and really nice material. They don’t make me look like a bag of potatoes (always a good thing!) so I snapped them up. Here’s what they look like…

checked pantsI think they look very much like the ones Marilyn used to wear, so if you like collecting clothes inspired by her, get yourself down to Tesco, before they all sell out!

Good luck!!