Marilyn Exhibition in London

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write about the Marilyn exhibition in London! Time is going by so quickly, but here I am now, sharing my photos and memories with yoIMG_20160613_112734845_HDRIMG_20160613_111823659u.

As you’re probably aware, the exhibition has moved to Ireland now, before it departs for New York later this year. I really hope you are able to see it on one of the stops because it truly is the most wonderful experience; being in the same room as so many of Marilyn’s clothes, jewellery, shoes, IMG_20160613_111920490_HDRbags, artwork, letters and other personal artefacts.

In 1999 I saw the Christies exhibition, but I must say that this one was much better. First of all there were no queues like there was at Christies; plus guests were free to wander around for as long as theIMG_20160613_111619218_HDRy like, unlike the 1999 exhibition where you basically had to walk round in a long line, stopping only for seconds to see the things you wanted to see, then out again! The new exhibition was nothing like that and had a really lovely atIMG_20160613_111952339mosphere too.

I went with my friend Suzie Kennedy, who as you know is the world’s most famous Marilyn Monroe lookalike. While there, we were able to speaIMG_20160613_112002475k to various fans who had come to see the exhibition, as well as members of the public who just happened to be passing by. Everyone seemed to have a great time and really appreciated being so close to Marilyn’s things.

In one room were the documents, shoes, artwork etc. and then in the next room were the costumes. I loved seeing everything that was on show, but probably the best thing for me was the salmon dress that Marilyn wore in some of the publicity photos for Niagara. I have seen this dress so many times that it was a real thrill to be up close to it. Then there were other costumes that we have all seen Marilyn wear, such as the Bus Stop costume, the Some Like It Hot dress and so many others. It was a surreal experience to be there and what actually had just happened, didn’t really sink in until I got home.

All of the items will be going up for auction in Los Angeles in November, so if you’re feeling lucky, why not put in a bid? Also, if you’re feeling generous, you can buy something for me too. I’m not fussy – anything will do! 🙂 🙂

In the meantime, here are a selection of photographs. I hope you enjoy them.