Me on the Radio (without Betty The Bichon I hope!)

      I am happy to say that today at 17.20 until 18.00 UK time, I will appear on the Australian radio programme, ABC Overnights; on the Trevor Chappell show. For peeps in Australia, you can listen in on your radio, but for everyone else, it is available as ‘audio on demand’ on the ABC website – If you miss it, the show should also be podcast at I will be talking about Marilyn and then taking calls from listeners (Please be kind!!).
      For those of you who are used to listening to my interviews, you will know that Betty the Bichon loves having a tantrum whenever I do one. In fact the last interview I did, turned into my own version of a sitcom, and involved lots of running up and down stairs, and many dog treats; all while I was on-air! What a nightmare. If you’re hoping to encounter a Betty tantrum today, I very much hope you’ll be disappointed. Hubby and Mini-Me will both be home by then, so hopefully Betty will be well and truly behaved this time!
      Update…. I’m happy to say that Betty was very well-behaved and the interview went well. It is now available online for anyone who missed it (but hurry because it is only for a week).
      If you scroll along to the 2.15 mark, you will hear me. 🙂