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First of all I’d like to apologise for not posting yesterday. I definitely intended to, but then I received an urgent (but exciting) article commission, so everything was put on hold. I’ve finished the article now (the subject was Marilyn as a feminist and the words just poured out of me at a million miles an hour!) and I’ll share more as soon as I can. In the meantime, here is a little news for you, as well as a snippet from The Girl:

Thank you to Leslie from Immortal Marilyn, who has given The Girl a glowing review. You can read it on their website, located here. On the subject of Immortal Marilyn, I also have some rather exciting news. On Sunday (6th May) I will be doing a live, online Q&A on their Facebook page. So if you have a burning question that you’d like answered, or would just like to say hello, please go to their page at 1 pm central time/7pm UK time, and take part in the conversation.

Rage Monthly magazine has given The Girl a glowing review, which I’m really happy about. I am trying to keep tabs on all print reviews so that I can report them here, but if you see one that I haven’t mentioned, please drop me a line and tell me all about it. Thank you!

This afternoon I’m being interviewed for the Fox News website. I’ll let you know how it goes, but right now the most concerning thing is making sure Betty the Bichon stays quiet long enough to let me speak. Betty’s hobby is waiting until Mummy is on the phone and then going bloody ballistic at an imaginary noise outside! Let’s hope she’s a good girl today, though judging by this photo taken just moments ago, she’s definitely planning something…

Okay, that’s about all the news I have to share, so now onto a little snippet from the book…

While writing The Girl, I became obsessed with the books and authors Marilyn enjoyed and admired during her lifetime. Suddenly I wanted to study Shakespeare, read poetry and go to acting class! I really did feel hugely connected to Marilyn’s literary side in a way I never had before. So to help myself and others who might like to follow in Marilyn’s bookish footsteps, I added an Appendix to the end of my book, called ‘A Woman of Culture.’  This section is dedicated to those mentioned in The Girl, that Marilyn read, studied, performed, admired or listened to.  It is not conclusive – it deals purely with those mentioned in my book – but it is my hope that it will be really helpful for Marilyn students who want to learn more about the subjects she was interested in.

I’m really happy to say that in several advance reviews, ‘A Woman of  Culture’ has been named as a favourite thing in the book, so that fills me with great joy. I hope you enjoy it, too!

Well I think that’s everything for now, but I will be back shortly with more news and another snippet, so please come back!

Until next time,

Michelle xx


The Girl is published on 8 May and is available to pre-order from all good book shops and the publisher’s website.

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