Passing the Torch

One of the loveliest chapters to work on in The Girl, was the Epilogue, entitled ‘Passing The Torch.’ In that section, I compiled a great many comments from all kinds of women, on how Marilyn has influenced their lives. My editor thought this would be a great way to end the book, since it explores how Marilyn continues to inspire women now, rather than how she inspired them in the 1950s (which is covered earlier in the book).  I totally agreed, and I think the result is very poignant, honest and real.

One of those interviewed in ‘Passing The Torch’ was my daughter, Daisy. She is much too shy to read out what she wrote, so instead I have created a little video of myself reading it instead. I hope you enjoy it!

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The Girl is available in the US in all good bookshops. It will be published in the UK on 31 May.

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