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Just a quick blog update to let you know about a brand new review for The Girl, over at Avalinah’s Books. I became aware of the new review on Twitter last night, and I opened it with trepidation (as I do!), but I needn’t have worried. Blogger Evelina absolutely ‘got’ the book and what’s more, truly enjoyed it. Yippee! Here’s just a tiny snippet of what she has to say:

Time and again, she tried to get difficult roles, and when she wasn’t cast for them, she eventually ended up starting her own film company – a woman. In the 50’s. So before you equate her with her ditzy film characters next time, take a moment to ponder about that. You probably haven’t even started a company. And if you have, it’s not the 50s. And you probably haven’t been typecast as a beautiful blonde with no brain. What she tried to achieve, what she DARED to try, is nothing short of stunning and inspirational. Let me just quote Marilyn in 1959:
“I’d like to be known as a real actress and human being, but listen, there’s nothing wrong with glamour either. I think everything adds up. I’ll never knock glamour. But I want to be in the kind of pictures where I can develop, not just wear tights.”

Evelina speaks with such passion about The Girl, and she says it really helped her understand what Marilyn was all about and why it is okay to look up to her! That is exactly what I want people to think after finishing the book. You can read the full review, here.

Another person who is enjoying the book is Marilyn lookalike, Suzie Kennedy. For some years, she has been conflicted about wearing the famous white dress, since to her it represented an impersonation, rather than the real Marilyn. But while reading the book, Suzie had something of an epiphany. You can read what she said on Instagram, here:

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A strange thing happened to me today. I am currently reading ‘The Girl: Marilyn Monroe, thé seven year itch,and the birth of an unlikely feminist’ by Michelle Morgan . I am featured in this book a few times including talking about the infamous white dress that blew up over the grate. I wasso tired of this dress, of this look and the cliche I felt it brought out in impersonation and i tended to groan and begrudgingly put it on. So as I’m reading this book it concentrates on the turning point that the seven year it was in Marilyns career , how that moment was the start of the moment she totally took control of her image and her career. Tonight I took that dress out of my wardrobe and wore it in my show tonight . For the first time I felt a power that came with wearing that dress . The amazing impact my girl made in the 1950’s by her choices from that moment on to take control of her life, marriage , and choices . I will never look at this dress in the same way again. It’s not a cliche , it’s the best thing Marilyn Monroe ever put on . Read this book. !! @mmwritergirl #thegirl #marilynmonroe #marilynmonroelookalike

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I am receiving some wonderful comments and messages from readers who are enjoying the book. If you’d like to share your own thoughts, feel free to tell me on Instagram or Twitter: @MMWriterGirl. Thank you!

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