Tales from Isolation Street

In today’s Isolation Street, one of our neighbours has decided to move to a little house by the creek. Each weekend, Svea will be sharing her creek life with us. I’ll look forward to more, next Sunday! Don’t forget, if you’ve got a light-hearted or calming diary (imaginary or semi-autobiographical) to share, please do so! I’ll gladly welcome you to Isolation Street and publish your diary on my blog.

Until next time

Michelle x

Isolation House – Svea

I began my isolation at my little house by the creek, calm in the knowledge that I have many crochet projects in mind and plenty of yarn at the ready.

I find great comfort in the little forest creatures that frequent my property daily. This week has seen an abundance of robins heralding the coming of spring. The squirrels have been enjoying the sunshine, running and hopping and climbing the many trees that line the water’s edge. A large crane flew overhead yesterday and I could hear the flapping of his wings as he soared without a care. The air is full of chatter from a variety of birds that I have not as yet been able to identify.

I’m usually kept company by a small herd of whitetail deer, but they haven’t shown up in the past few days. I hope they’re okay.

More next week, as I need to get back to my crocheting!


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