Tales from Isolation Street

Today’s Isolation Diary comes from Bev! I hope you enjoy it and as always, please feel free to send me your own diary. It doesn’t have to be long, and you don’t have to be a writer, either. Just write whatever comes to you, and I’ll do the rest. Contact me if you’d like to take part, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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Tales from Isolation street – Bev

7am- rise and shine! Getting ready for a Saturday morning with the great British public!!! What will this day bring and do we have enough hand sanitizer and cake to get through 4 hours? It’s been a tough week but we have all managed to keep the humour going.

8am – On my way to work, I pass Tony our neighbour at no 59, and the street’s unofficial professional car cleaner. He is up and doing a grand job – water buckets and hosepipes at the ready. No car is as clean as his or his son’s, on Isolation Street. Twice a day they clean them both inside and out. However, when you drive past and have a little nosey, the house could do with some love too…

9am- Here we go, doors open for the customers at work with us ‘key workers,’ whatever that means! Good luck… we’ll see how social distancing goes today. I feel like shouting that famous line from Dirty Dancing: “this is my dance space, that is your dance space,” with a 2-meter ruler. Keep a distance people, please!

1:30pm – Safely home on Isolation Street, I ask hubby if he’s had a nice morning. He replies, “Well no… with no Sky Sports build-up to the day’s football to watch, it was a bit frustrating.’’ However, he did keep busy by watching the new craze of tick tock dance videos. It takes us Newtons a while to catch onto some things. To be honest, I’m not sure I can see us making one of these. There’s not enough gin in the country, let alone the isolation cupboard, and people don’t want to see us dancing about! He has me watching the fabulous Rosie Ramsey on Instagram smashing Destiny’s Child’s Bootylicious on tick tock while I am having my tikka pasty (such a northern girl) for lunch. Ian then says, “You could do that dance you did years ago… Hanky Panky by Madonna.” This he remembers after thirty years… But locking his car daily, he doesn’t remember! Regardless, tick tock is not happening!!!

2pm – Take Bonnie the Westie out for afternoon walkies. Neighbour Tony is waxing now, and the car looks super shiny. Bless him. Bonnie is the cutest Westie, but my goodness, if she sees another dog no matter what the size, she changes into the yapper from hell. Streets are quiet thank God, and then from nowhere there is a lady with a dog in the distance and Bonnie embarrasses the heck out of us both by going nuts. Tut, tut! Good job she is cute.

3pm- Have a cheeky nosey at the isolation cupboard, making sure we have enough emergency foods like pasta, beans and of course cake!!! We did a shop on Tuesday at the local supermarket and it was a cross between panic buying and the Christmas food shop. Bodies and trolleys were everywhere! It was 11 am, and yes, gin was in the trolley! Well if we go on lockdown it will be needed… The cashier couldn’t take the tag off the bottle, so she asked me to get the young lad on the next checkout to take it off. This resulted in a few funny looks and whispers. An old gentleman in the queue commented, “I’ll have a double, love!” Soo embarrassing… The shopping was finally done, and  full to bursting.

6pm- No cheeky local Indian takeaway for us tonight, much to Ian’s disappointment, after Boris has closed restaurants and pubs. Instead, Ian’s bought an Indian banquet meal box from Sainsbury’s… Hope it’s a good one. It looks like there’s enough to feed isolation street to be honest – it’s that big!

6:30pm – Well, the supermarket Indian meal was a win… Liked by all.  Top marks!

6:55pm – Cheeky nosey out of the front window to see what’s happening in the world of Isolation Street. Tony has come back out and is polishing his car tyres under the romantic setting of his security light. Bless him, he loves that car.

7pm- Lazy Saturday night in front of the telly. The question is, do we watch an old classic from the DVD drawer or chance something new? Wow, there’s no studio audience for Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway! Strange times for us all… Maybe we’ll just play it safe with Friends reruns, which is always a good choice. So many decisions on Isolation Street!

To be continued…

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