Tales from Isolation Street

Today’s Isolation Diary comes from Wendy! I hope you enjoy it and as always, please feel free to send me your own diary. It doesn’t have to be long, and you don’t have to be a writer, either. Just write whatever comes to you, and I’ll do the rest. Contact me if you’d like to take part, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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Tales from Isolation Street – Wendy, a home-education Queen wannabe!

9.00 Me and teen are ready for our live PE lesson by Jo Wicks on YouTube. This is going to be great. I am going to be the home education queen. We’re even going to be healthier after all this!

9.05 Jeeps, this is hard.

9.06 Reminder to self: wear at least two sports bras tomorrow.

9.28 Thank goodness that’s over. Fake enthusiasm to teen about how great that PE lesson was. Wash hands.

10.30 Go to do a grocery shop and leave teen with some maths work to do. I’m sure my kitchen cupboards are totally fine being left to the needs of a teen who’s always hungry.

11.30 Back from the shop. Wash hands. Check the biscuit tin. Not bad. Only one packet missing. We will not be Jo Wicks’ star pupils today but there’s always tomorrow. 

11.40 Wash hands. Tell teen to do half an hour of reading before lunch. Apparently that’s a lot! (It’s definitely not.) Ok, I say, why don’t you split it up and do two lots of fifteen minutes instead. Claims she doesn’t understand. Great, that’s more maths we have to do.

12.10 Lunchtime. Wash hands. Tell husband that they had Euro 2020 sticker books still on the shelves in the shop. “Who is going to buy them?” I say. He comments that I should have bought them as they’ll be collectors’ items. Yeah, I was more concerned with avoiding germs and getting us food. Silly me.

13.30 Open email from a book company about a closing down sale. Apparently they’re the best kept secret in the book world. Hmm, maybe that wasn’t the ideal business plan, I think, as I add at least twenty ‘fun but educational’ books to my basket. I’m still determined to be the home ed queen even though I’m starting to feel a bit sleepy. Wash hands.

14.15 Oh the tiredness. Tell teen to watch a couple of episodes of Horrible Histories. Well, it’s educational, and I really need to get some of my own work done.

14.30 Sit in front of laptop with the intention of blasting through some work. End up reading Twitter timeline for forty minutes. Realise I haven’t washed my hands in at least half an hour. 

17.00 Wash hands. Make homemade oven chips for dinner. Well, teeny tiny little chipettes, because the only potatoes I could get were salad potatoes.

18.00 I feel so achy and tired. Oh my God I’ve got Corona. I’ve definitely got it. And didn’t I do a little cough earlier? Oh great, now how am I going to be the home education queen?

18.02 Realise it’s aching muscles from the PE lesson and I’m actually fine. Bloody Jo Wicks.

20.00 I am so ready for bed I don’t even think I could manage a gin and tonic to unwind from my day of being home education queen.

20.30 Finish second gin and tonic. 

21.00 I really should get in some sleep.

22.00 Ready for bed. OK brain you can switch off now, it’s sleepy-bo time.

23.20 Argh. Brain, the off-switch if you please.

Amount of time I spent doing freelance work I actually get paid for: 0

How many years-old my hands look because of all the washing: 96

How much I think teachers should make a year: a million pounds

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  1. Really funny, except for the bit where you walked past the sticker books. Shame on you, you should have bought them all for future sales. x

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