Tales from Isolation Street

Today’s Isolation Street Diary comes from Hayley! I hope you enjoy it and as always, please feel free to send me your own diary. I have used up all of your contributions so far, so I will publish the next entry when I receive some more. 😊 It doesn’t have to be long, and you don’t have to be a writer, either. Just write whatever comes to you, and I’ll do the rest. Contact me if you’d like to take part, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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Tales from Isolation Street – Hayley

5.50am – Forgot I had set the alarm to wake me up at this horrid time, to get motivated for my first work from home day… I let it snooze a few times…

6.50am – A WhatsApp message pings me awake. Whoops! Best get up.

8am – Computer is on, and I’m just about to call the boss to see what I have to do.

8.55am – Mum has called and chatted a while about the virus, and I’ve realised I haven’t even had my coffee yet!

9.15am – Feeling a bit better knowing I’m in-putting some work data and doing my bit… Missing my colleagues and the nursery kids though… Would love to be covered in snot right now and sniffing out who had done the pooey nappy!

11.10am – Had a message to let me know the phone numbers are up, so we can start calling the parents and kids… Feeling useful!

1.30pm – Called five parents and managed to speak to three. It was so lovely catching up and speaking to some of the children.  Will enjoy this part of isolation… Thinking I might get so good at calling people, I could maybe put this experience on my CV. Hmm….

1.45pm – Panic a bit as I can’t remember if I’ve had my lunch, but ask kids and they remind me we had wraps and cheese… We have a lot of cheese, but not many wraps. Eeek! Told son he might have to start eating beans… He hates beans.

2.50pm – More chats with Mum about the virus and how It’s like the war and we might have to start staying in forever… But she was a little positive news – We will be a size 8 when we finally get back into the world. Woo hoo something to at least look forward to…

4pm – Kids come downstairs hungry… Dinnertime is getting earlier and earlier! We used to eat at 6! Hmm, no snacks to see them through, so raid the freezer. Ooh a pizza!

4.10pm – Call the granny, aka Mum and she wants bread and milk (and something for her hair), so we set off for the garage armed with antibacterial gel…

5pm – Home with 4 bottles of pop, bread, rolls and some sausage rolls… Ooh and some milk and bread for Mum (hair will have to suffer – sorry Granny). We leave it at her door and head home.

6pm – Finally kids are happy and tummies full with pizza and home-made chips… Need to remember to get frozen mince out tonight to make dinners more interesting over the days… I could do with cake right now…

7pm – Kids do chores (hoovering and loading dish washer), and now upstairs for the evening…. Time for catch-up TV, and trying not to keep watching the news!

8.30pm – Boris on the telly. We’ve had a proper telling off and told yet again to stay in… So stay in please guys!!

10pm – Bedtime. I think I’m ready for another weird working day tomorrow.  I miss all my children at work, my friends, my family… Hope you all stay safe, and I look forward to seeing you all real soon when we can… Lots of love and big cuddles to you all… Mwah!!! Xxxx

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  1. Remind your mum Hayley that she was born 10 years after the war finished, so how she can compare now and then is amazing. Lol

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