Tales from Isolation Street

Today’s Isolation Diary comes from Annie! I hope you enjoy it and as always, please feel free to send me your own diary. 😊 It doesn’t have to be long, and you don’t have to be a writer, either. Just write whatever comes to you, and I’ll do the rest. Contact me if you’d like to take part, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time,

Michelle x

Tales from Isolation Street – Annie

5.00am – The dawn chorus begins and I am awake. I love living in the country but boy those birds can be noisy!

6.10am – I finally get up and find my comfiest clothes – at least working from home means I don’t have to wear heels!

6.30am – I am logged into my laptop and working hard. Although I’m focusing on my emails, I enjoy watching the sun come up above the hill and am grateful that I no longer have to commute.

7.00am – Breakfast! I make a bowl of porridge in the microwave. I double check that there is another box of oats in the cupboard, as this one is running low. There is! Hooray! I have become addicted to porridge and need it to start the day!

8.00am – See a gorgeous photo on Facebook. My brother’s family have a goat which had a baby kid overnight. It’s adorable and makes me smile.

9.00am – I brush my hair and check myself in the mirror as we have a team Skype. I carefully position myself in front of our bookshelves (in order to look serious and learned!) I needn’t have bothered as others are clearly in their kitchens and one has her three-year-old toddler on her lap. This obviously isn’t going to be formal! In the end we have a lovely chat about things, as if we were round the water cooler at work, and I think that this is exactly what we need when we’re all so far apart. We agree to do this at 9 o’clock every day.

10.15am – On my way to get another cup of coffee, I spot a squirrel on the decking outside our patio door. I quickly take a short video, it’s so cute, sitting up nibbling seed that has fallen from the bird feeder. I put the clip on Facebook, to try to cheer people up. Get lots of likes!

11.00am – Teenager can be heard getting up at last and moving about. Since his A levels have been cancelled, he’s been mooching around the house either on WhatsApp with his friends or shooting things on the PlayStation. I don’t think he’ll be taking advantage of the one outing a day to go for a walk. Walking down the stairs to get snacks seems to be the furthest he’ll go!

1.00pm – Husband comes home. He has toilet rolls! He looks so proud of himself and his 9-pack of the good stuff. I am chuffed and tell him he’s wonderful and he says he feels like a caveman, providing for his family. I don’t ask him what he had to do to get it…

2.00pm – Hubby is now working from home too. But I am hearing a lot of kettle boiling and banging of kitchen cupboards. He’ll eat us out of house and home!

3.00pm – I notice that the street is very quiet. The only vehicles I have heard today are the post van and the farmer’s tractor. Feel grateful that for once, pollution levels are down.

3.15pm – My mum messages me. She and my dad are isolating and spending their time spring cleaning the house. She was moaning because she had emptied a drawer and found moths in her woolly jumpers! But that turned out to be a good thing in a way, because dealing with the moth infestation kept them occupied all morning and stopped them getting bored. I wonder what they’ll find to do once the house has been cleaned from top to bottom…

4.00pm – I finish work for the day and log out of my laptop. The sun is shining and I spend half an hour in the garden planting seeds. I grow a few vegetables every year but this year it really feels like ‘digging for victory’! I put in a few more seeds than usual and find myself hoping that I won’t actually need them. I see a little lizard running over the stone wall in the garden, which makes me happy.

5.30pm – Husband has finished working but rather than starting dinner he is now ensconced in front of the TV. Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t expect him to change his habits overnight just because he is now working at home. I make a mental note to work on him, though, since now that we are both at home there is no reason why we can’t share the chores a bit more. I rustle up chicken and pasta and it all disappears in ten minutes flat. Teenagers! Where do they put it all?!

7.00pm – I put down my iPad and resolve not to look at news or social media for the rest of the evening. We watch television, but my husband chooses War of the Worlds. Perhaps not the best thing to be watching right now! When it finishes, I choose to watch The Great British Bake Off. Now that’s guaranteed to take your mind off things and lift your spirits!

10.00pm – I get ready for bed feeling a bit more relaxed, then spend an hour reading a favourite novel to allow my mind to wind down. Works every time! I am out like a light and sound asleep when I finally snuggle down under the duvet.

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