The countdown begins!

It’s now only two months before The Little Book of Marilyn is published! Woohoo!

As you can see from the fabulous back cover, the book will have make-up and hair tutorials; style advice and tips (including crafts!); advice on Marilyn-inspired interiors; lessons from Marilyn’s life; many gorgeous photos and some fan remembrances, too!

Now that we’re counting down to publication, I can start to share some little stories and facts about the book. Here’s the first one – Crafts!

There are three craft sections in the book, though for now I will let it remain a surprise as to what exactly they involve! I can tell you though that two of the crafts were designed and implemented by my incredibly talented Aunty Dawn, and the production of them became something of a family affair!

There were two items that I wanted to make for the book (well there were dozens actually but these two seemed the most workable!), so I sent photographs of them to Dawn, and asked what she thought. Just days later, photos came back of the prototypes she had created! I was blown away and so excited.

Several weeks later, I bought the materials to make both craft projects, and so my mum, dad and I went to see Dawn in order to put it all together. We all gathered round the table, cutting out fabric, writing down instructions and watching my aunty attach it all together on her sewing machine. My dad was the designated photographer, and he did an amazing job. He took many photos that day and lots will be in the book, showing you how to make your own Marilyn-inspired crafts!

This was the first time I’d ever involved my family in the actual production of a book, and it was a terrific experience. It was a real honour for me to work with my family, as we not only created the crafts, but we also made some fun memories as well. It is no understatement to say that I could not have done the craft sections without my family, so a huge THANK YOU to my Mum, Dad and Aunty Dawn for saving the day! 🙂

Look out for another scoop from the book, coming soon! Until then, check out the Books section of my website, for more information and order details for The Little Book of Marilyn.

Until next time,

Michelle x

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