The Countdown Begins!

Oh My Goodness! It is now just a week before The Girl is published in the US. A week!! I can hardly believe it. This time last year I was working hard on the book, trying to get a first draft done before the end of May. Now here we are, the book is finished, designed, bound and sitting on my knee as we speak!

How does it feel to be so close to publication? Really, really exciting but kind of terrifying at the same time. Releasing a book is a lot like having a child. You nurture and take care of a child at the beginning of life, then at some point you have to send him or her off to nursery or school and hope that everyone is kind! Publishing a book is the same feeling. For so many months it was just me who had ever laid eyes on my book. Then my editor was the second person to see it, then one by one, other members of the publishing team gained access too. Now all of a sudden it is trickling into the hands of reviewers and a few readers, before BOOM! Next week it will be available to everyone in the US! Any person at all can walk into a shop and look at my book. Within seconds they’ll make up their minds as to whether or not it’s worthy of their attention, then if I’m lucky they’ll take it home. And if I’m even luckier, they’ll enjoy it and write a review. Phew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

So during the countdown towards publication, I’m going to share a few snippets from the book with you. The first is the above quote from Marilyn, which I found in a rare newspaper interview. The second thing I’d like to share is the Contents page. I am really proud and pleased with the titles of each chapter, because I think they describe Marilyn (and the book) perfectly. Here they are:

Preface: Rebellious Starlet

Chapter One: The Girl

Chapter Two: No Dumb Blonde

Chapter Three: Behind the Tinsel

Chapter Four: A Serious Actress

Chapter Five: The Unlikely Feminist

Chapter Six: Inspirational Woman

Chapter Seven: Performance of a Lifetime

Chapter Eight: The Woman Who Impacted the World

Chapter Nine: The Power Struggle

Chapter Ten: The Human Being

Epilogue: Passing The Torch

Appendix: A Woman of Culture

I’ll be back tomorrow with another snippet, so please check back then. 🙂

Until next time,

Michelle x

The Girl can be ordered from all good book shops, and the publisher’s website.

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