The Marilyn Journal

mls coverI have some rather fun news to share with you all. As some of you know, back in the 1990s I started a little Marilyn club, called The Marilyn Lives Society. The society was created so that Marilyn fans could share news, views, articles, memories and much more. This was long before the days of the Internet of course, so The M.L.S. newsletter was how we all got to find out about books coming out; films being made; auctions; and much, much more. We had many members, and shared a lot of news in the years ahead.

 Recently I started looking through some of the newsletters, and thought it might be a good idea to share highlights of the early issues with others. With that in mind, The Marilyn Journal volume one was born! The journal shares highlights from newsletters published in 1991-1993, and includes interviews with Marilyn-related people; an interview with Marilyn herself; articles by members who had visited Los Angeles; every single piece of news and book news related to Marilyn, from 1991-1993; book reviews; articles about various aspects of Marilyn’s life; members’ views on many different books, films and other subjects; and much, much more. For those of you who remember dear Ross McNaughton, you’ll be pleased to know that he was a very regular contributor to the newsletter, and every one of his memories, views and articles have been included in the journal. His contributions even included memories of his first ever trip to Los Angeles, in 1992.

 Apart from the cover photos, there are no photos included in the journal, (mainly because we never used to publish many, and those we did publish I no longer have the originals for) but there are almost 30,000 words and 108 pages of text.

You can order The Marilyn Journal here:

If there is a call for it, I will be happy to publish more volumes of the journal soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy this one!