Why I’ve been so Quiet…

Hi Everyone

Once again I find myself apologising for being so late with my blog posts! However, today you’re getting two – this one and another One Minute Book Review post. I hope you enjoy them and I promise to try and get back on track very soon.

The reason I’ve been so quiet on the blog recently, is because the deadline for my next book is this week, so I’ve been organising the photos, arranging a last-minute photo shoot, and revising the text. This morning I’ve reached the point where the only thing left to do is one more read-through, and then it will be winging its way to the publisher. Yay! Hopefully that will happen on Thursday or Friday, and then I’ll be able to update the blog a lot more often (or at least until the edits arrive!) Gulp!! I really hope to tell you the title and subject of this book soon, so please keep checking my social media for the most up-to-date information. As always, you can find me on Instagram and Twitter: @MMWriterGirl and on Facebook at The Official Michelle Morgan Author Page.

My writing schedule has been hectic but fun during the past month. I’ve been working on the above book in the mornings, and then in the afternoon and evening I’ve been plotting and writing a brand-new book! I can’t tell you what this one is yet, but I can say that if everything works out, it will be a new and exciting direction for me. Thankfully my agent has read the first 15,000 words and enjoyed it… So, please hold a good thought that he’ll like the full 80,000 words when I send them in. I’ve set a schedule of 1500 words a day, and I refuse to let myself leave my desk until they’re all done. I haven’t disappointed myself so far, and I’ve actually been doing more than that on some occasions. Today I’m due to hit 40,000 words, which will be the half-way mark!! I’m so excited about this new project and I hope to be able to reveal all, later this year.

So what’s happening with The Girl and The Battered Body Beneath the Flagstones? Well I’m happy to report that The Girl continues to have some brilliant press in the UK, (please see the Media section for details) and The Battered Body is apparently gaining some excellent sales in audio books! Since it is my first ever audio, I’m absolutely thrilled that it is selling well. I must say that the narrator is fantastic and I was really impressed with the amount of dialects she used in the recording.

I think that’s everything I have to report today, but I promise that once this week of deadlines is over, I’ll get back to some regular blogging! In the meantime, thanks for your continued support. It means the absolute world to me.

Until next time,

Michelle x

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