Writer’s Block… Part one

So I have a book in my collection called ‘The Writer’s Block’ by Jason Rekulak. It’s a fun book, which was published some years ago by Running Press (who incidentally are publishing ‘The Girl’ next year). Anyway, inside are hundreds of prompts to get your writing going, so I thought it might be fun to occasionally do a few exercises here.

After opening the book at a random page, I have… “Write about your first artistic expression.”

Here we go…

To be honest, I can’t remember my very first artistic expression, but I can remember one very early and memorable one. I was very small – probably two or three years old – and my parents had just decorated my bedroom. One afternoon while playing in said bedroom, I decided to make the room even prettier by drawing a picture on the wall. I can’t remember what it was – though Winnie the Pooh springs to mind – and after I’d finished, I ran down to fetch my mum. I was so desperate to show off my skills and… well… let’s just say she wasn’t as proud of them as I was! I can still remember the look of shock in her eyes and her mouth hanging open in dismay, at the sight of the newly decorated wall, complete with unwanted addition.

When my dad came home from work, he had the same reaction and then I was lectured by both on the benefits of using a drawing pad or chalk board. To this day I can’t remember if they ever got my masterpiece off the wall but I definitely never expressed my artistic talent that way again!

So what was your earliest (or most memorable) artistic expression? I’ll look forward to hearing about it!