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I recently stumbled across an amazing podcast called Writer’s Routine and I’ve become completely addicted to it. Since I have a lot of readers and writers who visit my blog, I thought I’d tell you about it as well!

Photo from the Writer’s Routine website

The Writer’s Routine podcast is a series of interviews where top authors reveal how they write their books. The podcast starts with describing their surroundings and then goes into how they plan their day, how they plot and then write their books and so much more. Basically it’s a podcast about how writers do their work, and it is incredibly inspiring and informative.

There are 63 interviews at the moment and this is growing on a weekly basis. So far I’ve listened to interviews with the likes of Lucie Whitehouse, C L Taylor, A J Finn, Sarah Pinborough and Susan Lewis. They’re all approximately 30 minutes long (though sometimes longer), and here’s the best bit – they’re absolutely free!

I have always found it inspiring to hear fellow writers talk about their routines. I am a nerdy follower of many authors on YouTube, but their posts are often quite short. I’d never really listened to podcasts in the past, but now I’m totally addicted. I can listen while getting ready in the morning, doing the dishes, staring out of the window and even travelling! The Writers Routine is such a brilliant idea and I can’t wait to hear more. If you’re a book geek like me, you’re bound to like it, too, so check it out and let me (and them) know your thoughts!

You can find Writer’s Routine on Instagram (@writersroutine), Twitter (@writerspod) and by visiting their website. The podcasts are available on iTunes.

I should just add that I haven’t been paid to blog about Writer’s Routine. I just love it so much that I wanted to share it with you all. 🙂

Until next time,

Michelle x

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