Writing Programmes & Courses

If you are a creative person, looking for inspiration or a helping hand, I can offer you a series of courses and other services. Below you will see what I am currently offering, and I will be adding more very soon. For details on how to enrol on any of my writing programmes, please contact me.

Mentoring/Inspiration Programme

I have always enjoyed inspiring others to live their dreams and get their careers off the ground. I know exactly how hard it can be to suffer rejection after rejection. In addition to that, there are always people out there who are ready, willing and able to tell you there’s no way you can achieve your dreams. I am not one of those people. It is not for me to judge why you want to lead a creative life. Instead I am here to build you up, listen, advise and hopefully inspire you to go out there and get things done!

You can read more about my writing life and approach, in this interview.

The Mentoring/Inspiration Programme is for one month and will be tailored to your needs, but for example could cover the following:

  • Finding time to write.
  • Putting together a timetable, setting short-term and long-term goals.
  • One, 10 minute writing exercise will be sent to you every weekday morning during the month. These are designed to get you writing, even for a short time, every single day.
  • Creative blocks and ways to get past them.
  • What kind of writing do you want to specialise in? Biography? Fiction? Non-fiction? Short stories?
  • Gaining confidence.
  • Handling rejection.
  • Keep motivated.
  • Advice on contacting agents and publishers. What to do and not to do!
  • Using social media to build your profile.
  • The business side of being a writer.
  • Anything you are worried about or need advice on. I have been writing for over 20 years and I am always willing to share my own experiences. If I can help, I will!

The one month programme will include:

  • A skype call at the beginning of the month, to talk about your goals for the time ahead and things you would like to work on. However, I know some people do not like talking on the telephone/skype so if you are one of those people, don’t worry – we can always type messages back and forth on skype or even just email. Whatever you are comfortable with.
  • A list of action points will be emailed to you based on our initial meeting.
  • Every weekday I will email to see how you are getting on and provide you with writing exercises.
  • You can ask me any specific questions about writing and publishing via email. I will get back to you as quickly as I can.
  • A skype call at the end of the month, to talk about your future goals.


£200 for the month. (Note: you are more than welcome to continue with me as your mentor for as long as you like – the fee will be £200 per month.)

Note: the basic mentoring programme does not cover me reading and commenting on your work. However, if you are keen for me to do this, please see the Manuscript Advice Package below.


Book Proposal Package

I will gladly help you to write and polish a proposal so that it is good enough to send to an agent. While no guarantees can be made that you will sell your idea, you greatly increase your chances by having a good proposal. I have written many proposals during my writing career and know what agents are looking for.


If you have already written a proposal that you would like me to read and comment on – £150

If you would like me to guide you through the writing of a proposal – £250

Note: You will be in charge of the actual writing of both the proposal and the sample chapter. However, I will advise and suggest what to do – and what not to do – at every step.


Proof-reading Package

If you have an existing book that you would like proof-read, then I am very happy to do that. I will not be able to give the manuscript a full edit, but I can look for spelling mistakes and any obvious grammatical errors. I will also be able to advise on the flow of the book and where I think the manuscript needs extra attention.


  • Up to 150 pages – £300
  • Up to 250 pages – £400
  • Up to 350 pages – £450

Course – Releasing Your Creativity

This twenty part/four week course is designed to motivate, inspire and get you writing on a regular basis, through a series of exercises, as well as essays, quotes, tips and lists, written by myself. Here is an example of just some of what the course covers:

  • Letting go of your internal editor
  • Giving yourself permission to make mistakes
  • Giving yourself permission to be lazy and fail occasionally
  • Learning to ignore negative people and the critics of this world
  • Learning to forget past mistakes and move forward

The full course, including the twenty lessons, books list, film list, and other features, will be sent to you when enrolling. You are then free to work your way through each lesson at your own pace, though you will get the most benefit if you do one lesson per weekday for four weeks. There will be lots of writing to do; mainly short bursts of ten minutes or so, to get your creativity pumping and your hand moving!! The idea is to make you feel better about yourself as a writer and a creative person. Everything is designed to get you moving forward in your creative life.

Over the course of four weeks, you will get used to writing every work day, with the aim of continuing this stride when you are finished. While I do not personally guide you through the workshops, you will still get to know a lot about me through the course materials.

The cost of the course, including twenty work sheets and other material, is just £50. Please contact me for details of how you can enrol.